Covid-19 precautions we are enforcing for a safe dining experience

Ever since the Covid-19 pandemic started, it has impacted almost every industry. And the food industry is no exception. The Coronavirus pandemic has undoubtedly changed the dining world, and restaurants have been following new Covid-19 protocols to make their customer’s experience safer. As restaurants have been opening slowly and resuming their everyday activities, it is natural for customers to be cautious about restaurants’ hygiene and health safety procedures. At Turmeric Indian Bistro, we understand your concerns and put your safety at the top of our priorities list. Our staff and chef have been maintaining exceptional hygiene to make our customers feel safe.

Here are the coronavirus precautions that we are taking to ensure a safe dining experience as well as to prevent the spread of the virus:

  1. Outdoor Dining

As per the CDC regulations, we have made appropriate outdoor seating arrangements in adherence to social distancing norms. Our customers can now enjoy a safe outdoor dining experience surrounded by a well-lit environment under the protection of an extended shed. 

  1. Reduced indoor capacity

We have reduced indoor occupancy as per CDC regulations. All the indoor tables have been placed 6 feet apart from each other. 

  1. Exceptional sanitization and hygiene measures

We ensure that each table is properly sanitized before and after every use. We have also taken appropriate measures of providing hand sanitization for all customers. All our staff wears masks and gloves to ensure no contact. All the doorknobs, chairs, and even the kitchen are disinfected and sanitized at least twice a day.   

  1. Kitchen hygiene and health safety measures

Our chef and kitchen staff ensure exceptional hygiene in the kitchen. All the cooking stations are routinely cleaned and sanitized, and our chefs also use masks, caps, and gloves while preparing food. We also use local fresh produce to prepare high-quality meals. 

  1. No-contact delivery and takeout options

We understand that some customers might feel cautious about indoor or outdoor dining. Therefore, we also offer no-contact delivery and takeout options for our customers so they can enjoy our delicious Indian delicacies at the comfort of their home.

  1. Temperature monitoring 

We have been using automatic contactless temperature monitoring devices to screen customers before entering our restaurant. The temperature monitoring is mandatory for both our diners and staff to minimize virus spread risk. 

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