Why should you hire us for your next event?

Planning, organizing, and hosting an event is a big responsibility. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, it has also become crucial to focus extensively on enforcing required health and safety protocols when hosting events. Thus, planning an event in the midst of Covid-19 protocols can be quite stressful and cumbersome. But Turmeric Indian Bistro is here to help with its world-class catering services. 

We believe catering is the most crucial part of any event. At Turmeric Indian Bistro, we believe that your event should be enjoyable and stress-free. This is why we are here to take over all the hassle of your event catering. We offer comprehensive catering services for your event; from serving food to cleaning up when the event is over, we got it all covered. 

Here is how we can help make your event memorable:

  1. Amazing Indian cuisines

At Turmeric Indian Bistro, we take pride in serving a fresh and flavorful range of appetizing Indian delicacies. We specialize in Northern Indian specialty cuisines and South Indian dishes that would make your guests feel delighted. 

  1. Exceptional hygiene and safety precautions

Our experienced chef prepares food with local ingredients and global culinary techniques to add a burst of flavors to every dish while following all the required hygiene and health safety precautions. Our chef maintains exceptional hygiene to deliver high-quality fresh Indian food at every event.

  1. A versatile menu

Our menu includes a wide range of veg, non-veg, and seafood options to suit any kind of celebration event. Our menu consists of Northern Indian cuisines, Southern Indian cuisines, and many popular Punjabi-Chinese delicacies.

  1. Fresh local Ingredients

We always use fresh local ingredients to prepare all our dishes. We aim to provide our customers with authentic Indian flavors for an incredible experience.

  1. Professional chef and staff

We believe part of a great catering experience is a quality hospitality experience. Our experienced chef and hospitality staff are dedicated to ensuring that your event is a huge success.

From event decorations to food and health safety of all guests, we understand that you want everything is perfect. Therefore, it holds crucial importance to our staff to make sure that your experience with our Indian catering services is unforgettable for you and your guests. So if you are planning any event in the future, we would love to serve you with exceptional hospitality and high-quality Indian food. It is undeniable that food is essentially the star of the show that determines the success of your event. Therefore, it is best to begin by making suitable catering arrangements for your event. 

Contact our team to book our services for your next event!